I went through a few ideas on this clip, some of which were too dark to pull a good joke out of.  (e.g. “This’ll have to be our last night, PJ.  Walt gets home from Iraq tomorrow.”)

I choose so much Western and cowboy art that some readers have emailed me and said they assumed I was living in a Western state.  Not so.  As I mentioned in the Washington DC strip, my hometown is the nation’s capital.  I’d classify myself and most of the people I know as Yankees, and fairly snotty ones at that.  So part of the writing challenge is getting into the heads of characters who are very unlike me.

In Texas, I once met a woman from Mississippi who was my age but did not know what a “Klingon” was.  I think about her from time to time and remind myself that America is very large, and much of it is almost foreign to me.  In short, I’m pleased to do a completely “mundane” joke after a lot of recent weird ones.  Helps me stay out of a rut.