Happy New Year, dammit!

Sorry for the delay in the strip – things have been insane for the last couple of weeks, but we’re through the holidays now and hopefully I’ll be back on track.

This one’s dedicated to anyone who’s ever said “God, I can’t believe (x) put out (y) and now I have to buy it even though I already have it in a form I’m perfectly happy with and/or it sucks.”

…And yes, that’s been me.  Repeatedly.  It’s mostly with music in recent years – I’ve purchased “Bat Out Of Hell” at least four times, I re-bought every Ramones album that Rhino re-released, I own two versions of most of Helloween and Annihilator’s respective discographies, and every time I see the 5-CD 2-LP 2-single $139 “Smile Sessions” box set it kills me that I only have the meager 2-disc version, plus a couple of different bootleg arrangements, the versions from the “Good Vibrations” box, and Brian Wilson’s amazing solo release of the album from ’04 (and the live performance DVD that came out shortly thereafter.)

Anyway, if George Lucas wants fans to be happy, “A New Hope 3-D” will replace Greedo with Jar-Jar, and Han will shoot first and repeatedly.  Just sayin’.