For as long as I’ve been staring at this clip art, that book has been a photo book in my mind, and I’ve been trying to think of a decent joke around that.  It started with a discussion about how you used to have to develop EVERYTHING and you only scanned the important stuff into the computer, and now EVERYTHING starts on the computer, and you only print what’s important.  But as interesting as that dynamic shift is, I couldn’t seem to get a three-panel joke out of it – at least not with this art.

With a lot of strips, as soon as I abandon one direction, a new one comes to mind that leads straight to the finish line.  In this case, I kept the photo book line of thinking intact but decided to return to the well of mocking an older generation’s ability to operate new technology, and this simpler but hopefully worthwhile joke came to mind.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP: *Brief snortlaugh* Weird.  But amusing.