The idea of taking all the qualities of an older computer and marketing them as advantages amused me, and that had to be what this guy was dong.  I wasn’t able to go quite where I wanted with the strip, but it’s already a day late, so I’m kicking this one out of the nest.

I remember when I first saw a computer with a mouse-based graphical interface…an Atari ST.  I was probably 10 or 11 at the time, and my first response to it was “this is stupid.”  I reacted similarly to Windows 3.1 years later…I loved the multitasking, but the idea that I’d need to move a pointer around and click on pretty pictures to get to my programs instead of just entering simple text commands seemed ludicrous.  When Windows 95 came along, launched on startup, and gave you no way to exit to DOS, I was incensed.   And now, I’m…well…old.   And I’ve made a living programming in Windows for over half of my career now, so apparently somewhere along the way I must have shrugged.