Someone recently posted a thing on Facebook about a hack to get around the DRM on Keurig 2.0 coffemakers, and this is what went through my mind:

1. Coffee has DRM?
2. And people are accepting the idea that certain coffee beans or roasts might be incompatible with a given coffeemaker rather than, say, buying another coffeemaker?
3. And other people are coming up with hacks to get around this DRM rather than, say, buying another coffeemaker?  (Here’s a video for how to get around the Keurig DRM check.  Note that this makes it more complicated to make a cup of coffee in “2.0” Keurig with an expensive-if-not-official K-Cup than just it is to just scoop beans into a single-cup drip coffeemaker.)
4. And wait…back a step…coffeemakers are VERSIONED now?

My response to this on Facebook was most of this strip.  The final line has been something that’s bothered me ever since I started working at a place with a Keurig machine.  Maybe I’m just used to the percolation and drip-pump sounds I’ve associated with hot fresh coffee my whole life, but that weird grinding squirt that Keurigs make just…isn’t right.

Still, the free K-Cups at work beat the ever-lovin’ crap out of the 25-cents-a-cup always-either-empty-or-older-and-thicker-than-the-La-Brea-tar-pits community pot at my previous job.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP (after graciously pointing out two spelling errors):  It’s cute!