This one stemmed from the fact that the pile of toys here is totally in a bonfire formation – I really have on idea why else one would have toys strewn about in such a fashion.  The fact that I totally see a Simon in there somewhere put me in an 80’s mindset, and I originally wrote this with a melting Teddy Ruxpin as the punchline before deciding a Speak & Spell made more sense.

Once again I seem to have missed a week.  2014 is off to a slow start.  Sorry for the delay, folks.  I’m trying to keep up with reality but it keeps existing – which, I suppose, is what it does.

If any of you are anywhere in the Minneapolis / Bloomington area, I’ll be performing (as Worm Quartet) at MarsCon the weekend of March 7-9!  J.G. Hertzler (a.k.a. General Martok) will be the actor guest of honor, the music guest of honor is Henry Phillips (one of my all-time favorite comedy musicians,) and Dr. Demento himself will be putting in an appearance!  You can learn more about the amazing comedy music track and contribute to its fundraiser (scoring yourself a nice 4-hour CD of live comedy music while you’re at it) here, and more info about the rest of the con is here.


See you guys next week!  For real this time!