Little goofy, little dark.  Hopefully sufficiently amusing to be worthy of PartiallyClipsage.

Given more time, I like to think I could’ve come up with something less appetizing for the name of the product being pushed here….but if nothing else I’m proud of putting forth “bulge” as a presumably-dough-wrapped food unit.  In a world where we’ve accepted “bite” and “bit” and “finger” and “ring” and “stick” and “chunk” and “dunk” and  “smacker” and “pocket” and, god help me, “nugget” as perfectly valid and advertisement-worthy names for wads of meat or meat-filled substances, it’s hard to go beyond all that, but “bulge,” appropriately, gave me a lump in my throat when I thought about it, so it won.  Fish seemed like the worst thing to throw in it (though potatoes and pork were both considered) and of course I had to add “cheez.”

Suggestions for better (or worse) product names are beyond welcome – there’s a “comments” section for a reason, dammit!

Have an awesome week, won’t you?