I’ve always found it intensely strange that a cat, when frightened in the proper way (slide your foot quickly toward a cat while it’s walking by to experiment with this) will leap straight up.  I would think this would be a completely useless defense mechanism unless your enemy has a tendency to sublimate after it attacks.  My wife suggested I make this into a strip, and the art I chose for this purpose suggested the punchline.  It’s far wordier than I planned, but I really wanted to squeeze in the thing about the fuzzy deflating arches.  Was it worth it?  I dunno.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP: I really hope I never have to teach our son wear to wear a bow and leap straight up when confronted.

For further cat experimentation for the purpose of your own amusement, I recommend filling a Pez dispenser with Pounce.

Sorry the strip’s so late…entirely too many things have broken in the house since we got back from Balticon, and I’ve spent most of my evenings this week fixing what I can and wasting untold hours trying to fix what I can’t.