Holy crap, a Tuesday strip posted on Tuesday!  I echo your collective gasps of astonishment!

This one’s inspired by all the crappy-ass superheroes that used to – and still do – show up on educational kids’ shows.  The examples I can immediately think of from my childhood are Letterman and the cheesy “Spidey” on The (original) Electric Company, as well as the various Sesame Street superheroes who could solve any crisis using the letter M or whatever.  The biggest offender in recent years is Super Why, in which various modernized fairy tale characters along with a weenie named Wyatt are given superpowers, and team up to alter classic children’s stories so that they conform to the “No Child Left Behind” act.  My wife used to IM me while watching this with our son, making observations such as “God, they must just take on crises on a first-come first-serve basis.  ‘Sorry, we can’t save your family from that burning building – our princess needs to learn how to dance!'” only with far more profanity.

On the flip side, though, I’ve gotta mention Word Girl, which despite its goofy name is a surprisingly witty show, and has had appearances by Peter Graves, Brian Posehn, Maria Bamford, and even Patton Friggin’ Oswalt. My favorite character on this show is a villainess with the power to make duplicates of herself, named “Lady Redundant Woman.”

My son, being five, will happily watch either as if it’s the most brilliant thing he’s ever seen.