When I first saw this strip, the shadowy aspect of it made it really look to me like two businessmen talking at a desk on a company’s last day of existence.  I tried repeatedly to build a story around this, but it always came down to a big stupid “I guess the world just wasn’t ready for a [whatever]” punchline.  Then I remembered the worst idea for an Android app I’d ever had, and I had a new direction.

In my notes for this, the rebranding was purposeful, and I’d hoped I could work some sort of mission creep or turd-polishing or Rumplestiltskin second punch in, but ultimately it seemed more amusing to have the success of the app be accidental.  I’ve worked with several people (not at my current employer, thankfully, but in the past) whose career longevity seemed to be due to the projects they’d been on rather than their actual skill.

That’s two office strips in a row, and a jab at outsourcing in the strip before that.  Hrm. I’d better do something different next week before this comic turns into Dilbert.