I don’t know why this tickles me as much as it does.  Probably just because I remember people buying personal computers without having any idea whatsoever what to do with them, and eventually doing something akin to this. Nowadays, of course, your average non-technical computer user can typically navigate a computer well enough to perform a litany of tasks on their own, though of course they will need to call upon the expertise of a skilled engineer to figure out where the hell the shutdown button is in Windows 8.

Anyway, hi!  How are you?  My son’s been grounded for the last few days, so in lieu of TV and video games, he’s been filling the dining room table with apple-powered clocks and penny/aluminum foil batteries and dishes of salt water from which he’s electrically extracting hydrogen, he’s built a doorbell for his room, and he’s mounted an attempted wind-powered battery charger in the tree outside.  You can’t walk anywhere in my house without tripping over some science.  It’s awesome.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP:  *snort* It’s funny because it’s stupid!