This one’s inspired, rather obviously, by my day job – specifically all the times I’ve wanted to fix something and have been told that I can’t because it’s not what the customer asked for.  The strip ended up being more of  a shot at project managers than I intended, so I’ll add a disclaimer saying that this is not directed at any of the project managers I currently interact with in my daily life.

Taking a big chance posting this one, as it is NOT Mrs. Shoebox-approved!

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP: *silence* Sorry…I tried to like it.


But I also showed it to Rob, who thought it was great.  I weighed the number of strips written by Rob against the number of strips written by my wife, multiplied the wife-strips total by the standard “sole nookie provider” factor, and although the number came out staggeringly in favor of the missus, I decided to post the strip anyway in the hopes that, once again, those of you who are in the software development biz will find something to relate to here.

In other news not important enough to be deserving of a clever segue, the bandages are off, my hand is mostly healed, and I’m getting back on my bike tomorrow.  With any luck, the results will be somewhat less stupid and painful this time.

See you next week!