I’m guessing this clip art was meant to represent someone being “buried in paperwork” or something, but all I saw when I looked at it was a guy in a suit having a physical altercation with a sentient computer from one of those 80’s movies about computers being sentient.  This put me in a “where are they now?” line of thinking – HAL-9000, Max from Flight of the Navigator, WOPR from Wargames, ROK from Airplane II, Max Headroom, and even Johnny 5 would all, at least on a technical level, be hopelessly obsolete by now.  Granted upgrades are possible, but although you can buy a kit to hook a hard drive up to an Atari 800, it’s still not going to run Call of Duty.

The guy’s dialog was screaming for an “I have needs!” but I refrained, as I was trying to keep any perception of a romantic relationship in the mind of the computer.  This effort was an attempt to mitigate my fear that this strip will be perceived as a misogynistic justification of infidelity based on a partner getting old, which was not my intent.

As far as what E.D.I.T.H. might stand for, I leave that up to you.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP: I think that works. And…”Educational Device In The Hay-ouuuuse!”