Went with the obvious artwork observation for this one (because, y’know, how could you NOT?) and endeavored to transplant it into what I hope is an unexpected setting.  I originally had a whole complex plot around this which managed to ignore the legless horse for two whole panels, but decided to simplify and just acknowledge the horseapiller in the room right off the bat.

Sorry this one’s going up a few hours late…I actually had it ready to go but fell asleep before I got a chance to post it.  Why?  Because I’ve been going nuts trying to get ready for MarsCon in Bloomington, MN this weekend!  I’ll be performing (as Worm Quartet) along with other comedy music artists such as Rob Balder, Shaffer the Darklord, the great Luke Ski, the Nick Atoms, Devo Spice, The Gothsicles, Steve Goodie, Power Salad, and a bunch more people.  Non-musical guests of honor include Gwynyth Walsh, John Garner, and Loretta McKibben!  MarsCon is always a fun time, and this year Rob’s even gonna have an Erfworld party room on the 13th floor.  Should be a blast.