This one’s inspired by a comment thread on my Facebook page and an ensuing IM conversation with Mrs. Shoebox.  I lifted the OSI model joke directly from a comment by Brian Connors, as he has graciously given me permission to do so.  The rest are mine.

Boiling this down to a three-panel strip was a bit of a challenge…I’m hoping it translates okay, and that the mix of geek- and artist-specific humor boils down to something at least moderately sorta semi-universal.

Links to alleviate any potential head-scratching:
OSI 7-Layer Model
Dali’s “Gala Contemplating The Mediterranean”
Manzoni’s “Merda Artista”
Abstract Class
Definition of “Overexplaining”

On an unrelated note, I’ll be at BaltiCon in Baltimore, MD from May 27th-29th, performing as Worm Quartet.  Balder’s gonna be there too!

I shut up now,