Sometimes I can’t believe the things my five-year-old comes up with and how much they reveal about the inner workings of his mind and how much he’s learning.  Other times, I can’t believe he decided to give himself a haircut in the middle of the night.  In the dark, mind you.  And sometimes he comes up with headache-inducing stuff like the things in this strip.  Exactly like the things in this strip, in fact.

Worried the Nannadroid bit seems like something of a stretch, but when my son comes up with these things I can’t help but recall the episode of Star Trek where Spock defeats androids by making illogical statements until they overload.  *  So, yeah.  I stole half of this strip from my son, and the other half from Star Trek.  And I added a flame cannon, because dammit, everything’s better with flame cannons.

Hey, I’m playing a show as Worm Quartet this evening (Friday, June 11th) at The Haunt in Ithaca, NY!  I’m going on around 9:00.  Feel free to show up!


* I’m pretending I don’t know what episode that actually was in an effort to hide my Trekkie roots.  I don’t know who the hell I think I’m fooling.  It was “I, Mudd.”