Hi!  I’m back!  Sorry for the complete lack of a Tuesday strip this week.  I got tired of apologizing for the Tuesday strip being a day late, so I decided to just forgo it completely.  Actually, this has just been a week of chaos – playing Nerdapalooza last weekend followed by trying to slide back into reality following a week and a half of vacation in North Carolina and Florida.

…Yeah, I totally don’t expect any sympathy for this.  I had a blast.  And an ear infection.  But mostly a blast.

Anyway, this one’s one of those “I’ve got a punchline, how do I get to it?” strips.  I decided to go for the contrast of a dry meeting and a goofy idea.  For those who are measuring my strips’ effectiveness against my wife’s assessments, my wife considers this one “cute.”  I should totally just add a wife score to each strip’s commentary.

I’ll be back to Tuesday and Friday strips next week.  For real.  See you then!