I’m worried I’m taking a bit too many liberties on this one.   There are a million reasons why this doesn’t necessarily look like a frightened woman being held in midair by a handful of insane birds.  But that’s where my brain went with this particularly piece of clip art, inspired primarily by a bird an old friend of mine owned who used to, with little or no provocation, embark on long rants consisting purely of the phrases  “Koko is a good bird!” and “Do you like this bird?” repeated back-to-back ad nauseum at Micro-Machine-Man-speed.  I tried to like this bird, but it tried to bite me on multiple occasions, and once left an angry message on my answering machine.  True story.

Anyway, despite my misgivings,  most of my test audience says it’s funny (my wife said it frightened her,) and as it’s 11 PM on Thursday night and I still have to pack for PenguiCon – where I’ll performing as Worm Quartet and as part of Cirque du So What –  I’m posting it, dammit.

Speaking of Worm Quartet, I also just posted a new song on The FuMP, which will hopefully be live and on the main page by the time this strip goes up.