I have seen some weird clip-art, believe me.  But you have to wonder about this one.  For what possible use was it created?  Did the artist know these people?  Why did he/she leave out most of their bodies?

I’ve recently been thinking about what, if anything, I am trying to prove with PartiallyClips.  I used to think that my point was that the writing in comics is more important than the art, and that I was presenting an extreme case…someone who can create a successful and entertaining comic with no drawing ability in play.  But I realized that the art is as much a part of this strip as the writing.  These strips don’t work very well as jokes (most of them)…they need the visual elements to convey the humor.

It’s not a revolution or a statement.  It’s just backwards from the normal way of writing a comic.  I don’t think of something funny and draw a picture of it; I take a picture and think of something funny about it.  Either way, the end product is a comic strip.