This one was actually inspired by one of the comments to last week’s strip.  Weird that this is the first time that’s happened, as you guys tend to amuse the crap out of me regularly.  Thanks for that!

Anyway, this is an attempt to build a story up to a punchline I already had in mind, and I think I did okay with it, using a piece of art that’s been hounding me for years because I’ve tried and failed repeatedly to concoct a strip based on what the hell that one black horizontal bar on the right side of the chart could possibly be.

I’ve been lucky enough to have only been heckled onstage on a handful of occasions (only once to the point that security had to take action,) but while I’ve seen comedians and musicians handle hecklers beautifully, I’ve also seen otherwise-excellent performers totally derailed by offstage shots and…

…Okay, seriously, what the hell is that black bar?  My best guess is that it was a monetary value older than commerce itself, so terrifying that it would cause instant madness if viewed by the eyes of those who have not walked the path of true accounting, and a Sharpie dipped in the holy blood of Alan Greenspan, was used to burn it from the presentation materials.  Or something.  I’m tired.