Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back to PartiallyClips one of its most beloved guests:  Profanity!  I’ve managed to refrain for a whole three strips (if you don’t count the brief bit ‘o’ blasphemy in “Children Writing” and the references to genitalia in “Cavalry”) but for this one, it was unavoidable.

Not that I’m all that worried over offending PC’s mostly-non-PC audience (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) over a bit of naughty language.  I’m more worried about the “Gawd, four strips in and already he’s resorted to rapping cowboys?  I’m taking this bookmark out back and putting it out of its misery!” factor.  But the moment I first saw this picture, I envisioned the banjo-playing cowboy singing N.W.A.  I can neither explain nor justify this, but fortunately my brain was able to access the small portion of itself that has Blazing Saddles on repeat 24/7, and this in turn gave me a way to get to my desired endpoint.

Have a good weekend, people!  See you on Tuesday!