I guess my ideal target audience for this one is metal fans who know the definition of the word “portmanteau.”  But if there’s any group of readers likely to contain at least a small sampling of such a demographic, it’s probably you guys.  And hopefully those who don’t catch all the album names will still get the gist.

Bonus points to anyone who can pinpoint exactly where the segue from cataclysm to metal albums begins, extra bonus points to anyone who can name the artists of the  referenced album titles, and of course super bonus points to anyone who can come up with better ones.

A couple of the Snow-related catastrophe names were suggested by Rand Bellavia (of Ookla the Mok.)

Feeling like crap tonight.  Not sure if it’s allergies or a cold, but I’m going to bed.  Hope you’re all healthy and devoid of unnecessary mucus!