Hey, it’s a Leap Comic!  Feb 29…  I thought it had been 8 years since the last Leap Day, but I must be regressing to past lives (the sexy explanation) or getting senile (Occam’s Razor).  There was a Leap Day in 2000.

I’m a little worried that I am breaking my rule about topical jokes with this one, but since nobody’s really been talking about David Blaine for a few months, I figure this joke is pre-dated…like a pair of pre-washed jeans.  I’m sure he’ll resurface again, maybe to be fried in margarine under a giant magnifying glass, or some other trick he stole from the old Batman show.

Seriously, they did that one.  They were tied up in a huge skillet, slathered in margarine.  Robin said, “Holy oleo, Batman!”  And Catwoman said, “I didn’t know you could yodel, Boy Wonder.”  They don’t write them like that any more.