This one was my wife’s idea.  She stole my clip art CD, found this, and informed me of what this machine was and what it did.  I in turn informed her that I was stealing this idea.

Tonight we had a 30-minute debate over whether nine monkeys and half a harp seal was a better choice than nine lemurs and half a moose (there was never an argument over the “nine” part of this, strangely,) whether the density of a beach chair versus a chaise lounge and the proportionate densities of their composite animals should be considered, and ultimately whether the owl should be a barn owl or a screech owl, or if I should throw a little treat to Dead Milkmen fans and make it a burrow owl.

The fact that this type of discussion is not by any means atypical in our relationship is probably one of the big reasons we’ve been together for over 11 years.

In other news, the PartiallyClips Church Bake Sale contest is now CLOSED to submissions!  A small panel of judges hand-picked by me will choose their favorites this week, and you guys will get to vote on the finalists to pick a winner as soon as the favorites have been chosen and a voting page has been created by our wonderful webmistress Sara.

New strip on Friday – see you guys then!