There are clips I need to stare at, and clips I can keep in my head and think about without using the template.  The bulding and vehicle clips are usually written while I am driving, because all I have to do is think about an abstract concept like a lighthouse or a submarine or an abandoned house.

Believe it or not, these clips are usually harder to write to than the ones with people or animals talking.  This clip stayed in the back of my mind for something like five weeks.  I tried writing to it while driving, while riding on the Metro, while shaving…nothing.  I must have come up with fifty different ideas that weren’t funny. 

Eventually, under deadline, I just did a little sensory deprivation experiment.  I turned out the lights, lay in bed with my eyes closed, and put together some dialogue wich consisted of three of the funniest pieces of the other abandoned ideas.  This method has only ever worked once before, on the strip called Butterfly.