Yes, yes, I’ve worked with, on, and in printers of various sorts at various levels for the majority of my career as a software developer, and I’m well aware that this would appear to be a laserjet, not an inkjet.  I’m also aware that this strip is, to at least some degree, stupid.  I’m hoping it’s an amusing kind of stupid.  I debated whether to have the printer get a final shot in at the narrator, a la “Oh, eat a dick,” and I maintain that this idea has merit.  But ultimately I decided to leave it this odd mix of semi-cuteness and semi-technical terminology.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP:  Yeah, it’s dumb.  Amusing, but dumb.

In other and only tangentially-related news, I recently fixed an old record player with my son (which mostly involved scraping off the decades-old dried sticky lubricant and replacing it with new.) He was amazed that the thing could drop a record from a stack and move the tone arm back and forth and up and down without a single integrated circuit.