It’s been months since we’ve last visited Clipartica, the land where I acknowledge that not every picture on my 800,000-image royalty-free clip art collection is a flawless masterpiece.  This strip’s kind of all over the place, but once I came up with the final line – and realized that the one kid’s shirt was totally Mr. Pringle – I knew I had to build something out of this.  Hope it works.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP: That’s not a robot, that’s a hamburger.  And I’m shocked you didn’t go for a “Dick in a Box” joke.

(I contemplated changing the robot to a hamburger based on this feedback, but to me it’s still a damned robot.  I did not contemplate adding a “Dick in a Box” joke – Clipartica isn’t that kind of floating ice chunk.)