A quick one-joke thingy I’ve had on my mind for a while.  In a slightly-modified form, it was an early winner of the 100-character “Twabble” contests on the Drabblecast (back before they actually ran the winners on the show.)  I don’t know if a typewriter font of any sort has ever been used in a PartiallyClips, but I think it looks pretty neat.  I may do this again.  Hoping it’ll look okay in the papers.

I have to admit I altered the art for this one…I couldn’t find a good non-cartoony typing person to fit the feel I was looking for, so I took one of the cartoony ones and made it a silhouette.

Hey, I’m gonna be at a con in the Akron area this weekend!  Specifically I’ll be performing (as Worm Quartet) at Con on the Cob in Hudson, OH the weekend of October 19! Other musical guests include the great Luke Ski and Ookla the Mok!

UPDATE: Unfortuanately, I’ve had to cancel my CotC appearance due to illness. But Luke Ski, Glen Raphael, Ookla the Mok, ShiSho, and others will still be there, rockin’ the comedy thingy!