I’ve been staring at this one for entirely too long.  I mean, is this guy supposed to be a poorly-dressed professional male Lady Justice of tech, weighing the innocence and guilt of two different 386s?  Or is he comparing the weight to see if he can determine which of two operating systems is more bloated?  Maybe some kind of martial arts thing – the guy could be training for an extended Karateka or Yie Ar Kung Fu marathon.

Eventually I settled on the idea of psychic data transfer as a punchline, and then had to figure out why the hell someone would need such a service.  I thought of the various times I’ve engaged in serious Rube Goldbergery to avoid digging through my unsorted bins of cables and adapters, and decided to hope this was a sufficiently universal problem to work as an explanation, thus relegating my punchline to panel 2 but providing some manner of closure.

Yes, yes, computers that look like this were more commonly used well before the “cloud” buzzword and USB connections.  I don’t know why all the royalty-free clip PC clip art in the world came before the industrial revolution, but I’ve accepted it.

(My lovely wife was, alas, unavailable for comment for this strip.)