This one came from a recent IM conversation with Rob – he had an issue with his computer recently which was resolved via late-night memory-jiggling.  I told him he should really invest in some self-jiggling RAM, and the end result was me tearing through my clip art archives earlier tonight for a good piece of art to use to express this idea.

My first draft of this included a “gluing in the memory” approach, but I couldn’t think of a good name for it (I was contemplating calling it “The Packard Bell Approach” because I had a vague memory of Packard Bell soldering in the components on their PCs back in the day) and it didn’t really add anything.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP:  That’s goofy!  But shouldn’t there be one more line?  Like “Run, before it destroys us all?”

(…so yeah, thanks to Mrs. Shoebox for suggesting the last line of this here strip.)