This is one of those strips where I wrote the lines without art, figuring I’d be able to find a picture of two people at a shopping cart.  I cannot BELIEVE this is the best shopping cart picture I could find in my 800,000-image clip art collection.

Anyway, the idea spawned from two things:

1.I once worked for a company that really did have the same brand of coffee and toilet paper.  Each product had a similarly unpleasant effect at its respective end of the human digestive process.

2. Yesterday, my son asked me what would happen if cats pooped nuts and bolts.

This one’s a bit of a rush job but I think it’s amusing.

Apologies for the lateness – I performed at LukeSkiCon in Chicago last weekend (a small comedy music “festival” of sorts for backers of the great Luke Ski’s recent Kickstarter.)  My ratio of driving and merriment to sleep was not consistent with the needs of my 38-year-old self, and I’m just now starting to catch up with reality.  I don’t know why I keep getting surprised when this happens.  Stupid aging.