I wrote this strip a few days ago, and today, by pure chance, I found a bubble machine in my basement that I’d purchased several years back and completely forgot about.  It’s a sign, dammit!

This is based on a true story.  In the real story, my lovely wife purchased some oddball bubble liquid which made very thick-skinned bubbles and, while bored in an airport, started blowing them.  They flew around, getting strange and/or happy looks from passersby, and when they landed on stuff, they friggin’ STAYED THERE.  They deflated eventually, and of course some were stepped on, but these things were monstrously strong.  So I suggested that we could take these on a plane and be responsible for a new FAA regulation, and merriment ensued.  I’m pretty sure this happened a decade or so ago, but it somehow entered my head when I was staring at this piece of clip art.

On the surface, this isn’t necessarily the best clip art to use to tell this particular tale – the bartender’s presence is a bit distracting, and the time period the art suggests might be a bit off.  But you can’t tell me the guy on the right doesn’t look like an adventurous world-traveling novelty machine designer.  He totally does.  And now he has a story, dammit.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP:  *Laughing* I remember that!