If I remember right, there have only ever been two recurring characters in PartiallyClips:  Rob’s unseen adventurer who faced down the Paradox Dragon, among others, and Jackson the doomed faceless spaceman.

The familiarity of this one ate at me until I realized it was because it had pretty much the same comic rhythm as this strip from 2007.  But I think it’s different enough to be worth posting on its own, if only because Rob’s strip didn’t use the word “proboscis” (though I’m sure he fit it in one of his other strips at some point.)


In other news, you might notice that there are now buttons you can use to SHARE these here strips on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever your social poison might be!  You can thank our glorious webmistress Sara Trice for this latest bit ‘o’ WordPressy goodness, as well as for the “Latest Strips” column and the return of the “Random” button, among other things!

Hope you people are having a glorious week of some sort!