Running  a day late due to a hacker attack on DreamHost taking the site down yesterday!  Wheee!

I hate Tom and Jerry.  I have always, always hated Tom and Jerry.  As a kid, I watched it when it was on because goddammit we had six channels and two of them were PBS (the other four were CBS, CBC and CTV from over the border, and – when the antenna on the roof wasn’t frozen in the wrong direction – a rather-choppy NBC.)   But it never made me laugh and always left me frustrated.   Regardless, the cat-and-mouse thing is a staple of illustrated entertainment, and I’m moderately pleased to finally be putting my stamp on the trope, such as it is.

I started with the two characters discussing their possible next moves with each other, reaching a stalemate each time, but this was even wordier than what I ended up with here and I couldn’t find a good ending.  The idea of the captured mouse negotiating terms struck me as a really solid starting point, and I went from there.  I’m worried the concept’s actually better than the payoff in this particular case, though I’m hoping the joke’s a chuckle.