Another hometown strip.  I’d been trying to make this piece into a murder mystery story (which is what it initially seems to be screaming for,) but last week Mrs. Shoebox and I toured the Times Square Building here in Rochester and that gave me this idea.  I initially wanted to use the Times Square Building as the offensive weapon in the final panel, but I figured that using Kodak Tower (of which I had a very nice view from the roof of the Times Square Building) would be potentially  more recognizable or semi-recognizable to non-Rochesterians, and less likely to cause confusion with Times Square in NYC, which is five hours southeast of us.  You’d have to jump in Pittsburgh to launch that, and it would probably land just outside of Indianapolis.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP: *Extended nigh-tearful cackle-laugh* Holy f**k that’s dumb! *extension of extended nigh-tearful cackle-laugh* The dumb!  Oh god, the dumb!  *further extension of extended nigh-tearful cackle-laugh* Very amusing, though!