This one’s geared primarily toward my fellow Software Engineers – for those who don’t know what I’m getting at, there’s an agile task estimation methodology called Planning Poker which involves using Fibonacci numbers to estimate tasks.  It works because the uncertainty increases when the numbers get larger, reflecting the fact that coding is easier to estimate accurately when the work is broken down into small well-defined tasks.   It’s actually a pretty good way of estimating work effort, but dammit, I felt like mocking it, so I did.

Originally I was just trying to build a decent joke around the fact that the typical “how much does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10″ question (a.k.a. the Wong-Baker FACES Pain-rating scale, apparently) has no units, with the more-universal “millisharpstickintheeye” joke as the punchline.  But somehow I couldn’t make that work, so I’m taking the risk of ending with a head-scratcher.  Hoping those of you outside the software world, or those of you in said world who haven’t experienced the glory of Planning Poker, will still find something to enjoy here.  But just in case, there’ll be another strip up later this week.

See you soon!