Holy crap, a second PartiallyClips strip in the same week!  And a moderately-topical one, at that!   For those of you outside the U.S., here.  This strip’s based on one of my own facebook posts, cuz why not.  I was happy to be able to find a properly smug-looking professor to get the joke across.

I’ve mocked the lottery for years.  I took prob & stat in college, for crying out loud.  But when I’m asked to participate in a group ticket purchase at my day job, I still often chip in, and I can’t properly justify this.  There’s not a ton of camaraderie or team-building in the collective guessing of numbers, but I guess it’s still kinda neat to be in the same boat with a bunch of people waiting together for a result.  Even though the positive outcome is hopeless, the negative outcome isn’t exactly hard to absorb financially, and it’s something to talk about if nothing else.

I considered rewording this on the basis that the failure of anyone in this classroom to win the lottery doesn’t actually “prove” anything in the mathematical sense, but ultimately decided that the “assisted me in proving” wording left me sufficient wiggle room in that department.