I watched the recent space jump with my seven-year-old son, seeing a glimmer in his eyes that reminded me of how the shuttle launches I watched at his age blew my mind.  There was always awe, always a feeling of being there for something important and new, and always fear of what would happen if things went awry.  But everything went gloriously well, and it was amazing to watch this unfold.

And, of course, it was sponsored by Red Bull.

I initially thought that putting Red Bull in the strip would be too on-the-nose – I threw Crystal Pepsi in as the beverage, and then I tried with Zima, but both my wife AND Rob reminded me that it’s friggin’ 2012.  Rob thought that just sticking with Red Bull was the way to go (and suggested the final “moon” line,) and I think he was right.  But, y’know, Surge would also have totally worked. Just sayin’.

In other news, for those of you in the NYC area, I’m playing a show with Devo Spice at Broadway’s in Times Square on Wednesday the 24th (tickets and info here)