This one started with the simple fact that it’s very hard to tell whether Athena is handing the warrior his sword and shield or if the warrior is in fact handing them back.  I decided they were going back and forth, and the dialog sprung from this.  Originally it was just a straight conversation up to the “dancing in the blood” line (inspired by seeing the original “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass” quote misspelled in a bad font on one too many pieces of stock nature art on facebook) but the end result was meh, and I decided that it would be appropriate for Athena, being a goddess of both warfare AND wisdom, among other things, to speak purely in words of violent inspiration.

- He not busy being born is busy dying, and he who is not doing the latter with sufficient speed may require a push
-  Life is what happens while you are busy slaughtering heathens in my name

Feel free to suggest your own better ideas so I can beat myself up for not coming up with them myself!

In other news, for those of you who like the noises I make with my face as well as the comics I make with my hands, I’m playing a show with Devo Spice in NYC on Wednesday the 24th (tickets and info here) and another here in Rochester, NY on the 30th (info here)