Hi!  Still busy as hell over here finishing up fulfillment of the Kickstarter rewards for the new Worm Quartet album,  but I managed to knock off a strip, so enjoy!

This one’s admittedly kind of a cheap shot, but if it helps at all, it comes from genuine sympathy.  I have some talented friends who are in amazing original bands, but make their money knocking off perfect covers of pop hits for far larger crowds than their “real” bands are ever able to draw.  That’s gotta hurt, especially when the performers in question don’t even LIKE the music they’re playing.

My friend Curt (who, incidentally, appears on the aforementioned new album) played bass for a cover band in the 80′s, and he told me his favorite song to cover was Poison’s “Unskinny Bop” because he could play the verses with one hand while holding a beer with the other.

See you soon, dammit!