This was another one of those ones where I saw the art and said “Dammit, I have to do SOMETHING with this.”

Was this drawn by someone completely unfamiliar with American sporting events and their associated stupid merchandise?   Or was the artist trying to make a point about how we, as a society…put…stuff…over thataway, or…I really don’t know.

My attempt to put a story behind this piece isn’t my finest moment, but it at least addresses one possible reason why someone might be wearing a foam finger at a 90 degree angle.  And hints at why someone wearing such a finger would also be wearing business casual dress.

It does not address the fact that the protagonist is also making a peace sign, and I assure you I am losing sleep over this.

In other news, we’re into the final five days of the Kickstarter for my band’s new album!  I’ve introduced an additional prize:  Handmade keychains courtesy of my lovely wife, featuring some of my more abstract song lyrics.

The Kickstarter – including a new video update which takes me all over Rochester with my new keytar and features a guest appearance by Susan B. Anthony – can be found at this here link.

Also, next weekend I’ll be performing at DeepSouthCon in Huntsville, Alabama, along with Dr. Demento!  Balder’s gonna be there too!  Should be a great time!

See you soon,