I’ve had this one in mind for a bit now but had no idea what to do with it.  I have yet to see a piece of royalty-free clip art with an LCD monitor in it, let alone a cell phone less cumbersome than holding an infant up to your face, so a Droid of any sort seemed right out.  I briefly tried using pieces featuring other objects, like one with two well-dressed gentlemen discussing what appeared to be a cigar box but which sorta kinda coulda been a Droid (I ultimately used this piece for another strip, I think,) but it seemed forced, and of course would introduce more confusion and require more suspension of disbelief than one should really expect from a one-panel strip posing as a three-panel strip for timing purposes.

But fortunately, I know some artists.  This one right here is Kyle Carrozza, a.k.a. TV’s Kyle, who does animation-type-stuff for a living and makes goofy-ass TMBG-ish music in his spare time, as well  the Frog Raccoon Strawberry webcomic.  I explained the strip, he drew this glorious thing, and here it is.  Ta-daaaaa!

I’ve had to defend my need to make everything emulate everything else (ooh, Meat Loaf parody idea!  Except I don’t do parodies. Moving on…) for years now.  The best example of this was  probably when I had gotten a Sega Master System emulator running on my Dreamcast, and showed my wife, who pointed out that I also had an actual Sega Master System sitting right NEXT to said Dreamcast, connected to the same screen via a switchbox, and could simply power it up and play the real thing.  I believe she described this as “stupid.”  Similarly, when I got my first GPS and managed to get it to boot to the underlying Windows CE core, I had to explain why I needed to get an Atari emulator running on it. *

The answer?  Because it’s cool, dammit.  This thing can run that thing, so why the hell shouldn’t it?  Hell, people have gotten MAME running on digital cameras.  How flippin’ nifty is that?!?

This obsession with this sort of bizarre cross-platform weirdness actually gives me a not-too-shabby way to segue into plugging the Kickstarter for my new Worm Quartet album again, as I am offering these handmade USB flash drives as one of the rewards:

For those of you who missed it, I met my initial goal and my first stretch goal (buckets of thanks to those who helped!) and I’m now working toward a third.  The thingie in the picture is a 4GB USB flash drive mounted in a genuine Atari 2600 cartridge casing, handbuilt by me and my lovely wife and loaded with Worm Quartet’s entire discography.  If you’re interested in checking it out, the Kickstarter page is here.  (Obviously the thing in the photo is a prototype – the final product, while it will still be hand-built, should be far niftier.)

See you guys again soon!  Sorry for the delayed strip, there’ll be another one this week!


* It should be noted that my wife has greatly enjoyed the NES emulator I managed to get running on the Wii.  For a while we were both playing The Legend Of Zelda – her on the Wii, me on my Dingoo.  I don’t know if this qualifies as “romantic,” but dammit, we had something to talk about.