Apologies to anyone who hasn’t read the book referenced here…I don’t believe I’ve spoiled anything, but of course the joke’s gonna be completely lost on you if you haven’t read it.  Highly recommended – one of my favorites.

My son is seven, and he’s done some remarkable things.  He’s awesome at reading,  he’s amazing at math (and clearly visualizes numbers and understands WHY they work the way they do,) he’s interested in how everything works, and he’s built two Atari joysticks from spare parts (the second with minimal assistance from me.)  But on the flip side of that, I came home yesterday to find he’d emptied his dresser and was walking around in the rain with a large armful of clothing, dropping one piece at a time into the mud (his reasoning being that he was going to go live in Mom’s car.)   And the fart humor…ohhhh god, the fart humor.


I’m going to awkwardly segue here into a plug for one of my other creative endeavors.  My comedy synth-punk project, Worm Quartet, is about to release a new album entitled “Songs of the Maniacs.”  I recently launched a Kickstarter to fund mastering, royalties, pressing of the physical disc, and various other little things so I can get this thing out into the world, and I have several nifty prizes for backers, including CDs, bonus discs, and flash drives built into Atari 2600 cartridge casings (handmade by me.)    Feel free to check it out if you’re so inclined – the Kickstarter page is here.

In other news, I’ll be performing at DeepSouthCon in Huntsville, AL June 15-17th.  Rob Balder will also be there, as will Devo Spice, Power Salad, the great Luke Ski, Seamonkey, Danny Birt, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Steve Goodie, and Dr. Demento!  The 2012 Logan Awards will also be taking place at the con.  Should be an awesome time.

Thanks as always- see you soon!