…Yeah, true story.  I don’t know what the “science materials” in question were, and I do not know the context of their appropriation, but if I were to hazard a guess, I suspect my son was attempting to entertain his classmates, and in my mind, the event includes the phrase “No one can stop me now!  My pants are full of SCIENCE!”

As a friend of mine on Facebook pointed out, “It’s hard to know what to say to ‘There’s a problem. Your son is made of you.’”

That said, my wife and I really did manage to talk to our son about this with a straight face, as of course we recognize that this sort of behavior can be detrimental to any attempt to impart knowledge to a room full of second-graders.  My mother teaches at a public middle school, and I’ve heard horror stories my whole life – one of which even referenced a “flatulence conference.”   My father teaches engineering at the university level, and has fewer such stories (though his best one is probably when he asked “Now, can anybody tell me the difference between the 8086 processor and the 8088 processor?” and a student yelled out “two!”)