This is a rush-job, unfortunately, as I’ve had a rather annoying cold all week that allows me to be reasonably functional during the day but knocks me flat on my ass right around 9pm – as in, right around the time that my kid’s asleep and I finally have time to do stuff.

The joke’s pretty much completely stolen from an IM conversation with PartiallyClips webmistress Sara Trice from a job search a year or so ago (which was ultimately successful.)   I’ve been a software engineer now for fifteen years and I’ve been performing at clubs, bars, and conventions as Worm Quartet for eleven years.  In this time, I’ve gotten many rounds of applause for singing about Pac-Man, ex-girlfriends, R2D2, and my vasectomy.  I’ve even signed a boob or two (male and female, I must say in the interest of full disclosure) with my wife’s consent.   But never have I gotten so much as a golf clap for implementing a hardware interface or coming up with a clever workaround for an SDK restriction.  This seems wrong somehow, though the latter has certainly paid significantly better.

Anyway, this strip deviates a bit from its origin story since Sara is, as her name suggests, female, and I don’t think she’d trust her husband (the great Luke Ski) with a knife.  Or a potato.  Please do not misconstrue this role reversal as sexism – there is little I find hotter than a woman who can design a recursive algorithm (my wife can’t, but she can weld, and I find this to be more-than-adequate compensation.)   It’s more of a compromise in making this story work with this art, which admittedly isn’t perfect for the conversation.

Mucinex and zinc for all,