The thing I expect I may have to explain here is that Cigna is an American health insurance provider. I guess I could’ve thrown Blue Cross or Humana in here instead, but Cigna just…seemed to fit.

This one’s inspired by a recent Andy-Kaufman-inspired visit to the Wikipedia entry on anti-humor, which of course led to visits of the pages for dadaism, shaggy dog stories, and meta-jokes.

On a tangential note, this search exposed me for the first time to the glorious notion of the meta-limerick, exemplified thusly:

There once was an X from place B,
Who satisfied predicate P,
The X did thing A,
In a specified way,
Resulting in circumstance C.

The sheer beauty of this broke me for quite some time.

Anyway, I’m sorry I’m so late with this one.  I plead day job plus life plus sudden unexpected family trip to Washington, DC, where I got to hang out a bit with the dude responsible for starting this here strip, Mr. Erfworld himself, and we made dumb faces at my phone to prove it.

There should be a second strip up this week unless something truly horrible happens, and I’ve never said this before in my life.