This one’s inspired by recent events, or rather by some of the more minor consequences of recent events.  I brought this up in conversation with my wife and she laughed, so I decided to make it a PartiallyClips.

What followed was an aggravating search for clip art that matched the situation.  I almost ended up buying a rather-perfect-if-exorbitantly-priced piece from an online clipart store, but said store had a rather eyebrow-raising definition of “royalty-free,” so I ultimately passed and went with this one.  I talked to my wife a bit about whether I could get away with calling the white semi-rectangular thing in the suitcase a document, whether it made sense for said document to be in a suitcase, etc., and the final verdict seemed to be that I should probably quit agonizing over the proper interpretation of a small area of whitespace on a piece of clip art if I ever wanted to get to bed tonight.

Oh, incidentally, this is the first PartiallyClips made on my new computer.  I seem to be up and stumbling now, albeit with some interesting kludges to make my outdated photo editing software run on Windows 7.