UPDATE: Running late on the new strip, but I have a far better excuse this time: My computer died!  I’m buying a USB mounting thingy for my internal HD so I can get to all my clip art and such via my laptop and get a strip done, hopefully, tonight.


Yet another strip inspired by a conversation with my wife.   Contemplated going in the direction of ancient fighting styles being turned into workouts, and how this implies that you’ll be able to take drive-by classes at the Y in a few thousand years, but decided to keep it simpler instead.  Rejected alternatives to “stabbercise” include “stranglecycling” and “aqua bludgeoning.”  Additional suggestions are, of course, more than welcome in the comments.

Sorry for the lateness.  I’m STILL trying to fight off the last vestiges of this stupid sinus infection, keep up with the day job and the family, and get ready for I-Con in Long Island, where I’ll be appearing this weekend.  I’m doing two Worm Quartet concerts and a couple of panels – feel free to show up and see if my throat holds out!


Time to do laundry and pack up the merch.  Hope to see some of you this weekend!