I was all set to put up a completely different strip, but then the events chronicled herein unfolded, and I figured I should do this one while it was fresh in my mind.

Parenting can seriously hurt your brain sometimes.  My son once sent two kids (each a year his senior) to the nurse’s office with bloody noses after they wouldn’t let him sit down on the bus, and I had to restrain my natural pride in order to properly impart the idea of violence as a last resort.  Another time, my wife yelled at him for sneaking into our bedroom with a roll of tape and doing god-knows-what, only to discover that god-knows-what involved putting heart-shaped signs all over the wall reading “I love you, Mom.”

I have no idea how to condense those stories into three-panel strips, let alone funny three-panel strips.  But this one pretty much wrote itself.


Aaaand I’m off to re-play several levels of Plants Vs. Zombies.