I stared at this for a long while after writing it, contemplating a bunch of different punchlines, mostly various responses to the “can you shoot…” bubble.  Ideas included variations on “No, but if I shoot at them long enough, it’ll probably scare them off” and “If I kill you a rainbow, will you shut up?”  Ultimately decided I was second-guessing myself too much, though I do suspect a decent chunk of you will see this punch coming.

Incidentally, if my dream of PartiallyClips: The Musical is ever realized, “Can You Shoot A Rainbow?” will be the final song of Act I.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP: (I showed it to her while she was sanding brass place card holders.  I *think* she was chuckling…her dust mask and safety glasses moved up and down for a bit.)